Mattel, Barbie Dolls, Clothes, Accessories
Lot Number:116
Start Time:5/31/2024 12:00:00 AM
End Time:6/11/2024 5:51:48 AM
Bid Count:19
Winning Bidder:Bidder
Starting Bid:$10.00
Bid Increment:$5.00
Current Bid:$212.00
Bidding complete

A 20% Buyer's Premium will be added to the final Sales Price. All applicable taxes will be assessed based on the sum of the sales price and buyer's premium.

Assortment of Barbie dolls, clothing and accessories; Three dolls are marked Mattel and dated 1958 on back; One, no mark observed; Two small dolls; Clothing and accessories; Barbie's measure approximately H 11 inches; All items preowned/used condition; Bodies show dirt and use; One's hair has been cut and wig not glued on to head; One has a broken leg. See photos (C6)

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Pick -Up for this auction will be held on 06/13/2024 by appointment at our Denver warehouse.

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Bid Increments

Bid increments are established and controlled by Auctioneer, and may be adjusted or modified in Auctioneer’s sole and absolute discretion.

Withdrawal of Property by Auctioneer

Unless specific Property is, in express written terms, put up at Absolute Auction, Auctioneer has the right to withdraw any Property from the Auction prior to the Fall of the Hammer.


The buyer must pay the entire amount due (including hammer price, buyer’s premium, all applicable taxes, and other charges) no later than the second (2nd) business day following the sale. Online purchases must be paid by credit card, certified funds, or by wire transfer; provided, however, that any online purchases in excess of two thousand five hundred Dollars ($2,500.00) must be paid by certified funds or wire transfer unless other arrangements acceptable to Auctioneer are made. (iii) Possessory Lien.  Other provisions of these Bidder Terms and Conditions notwithstanding, a possessory lien will exist in favor of Auctioneer and/or Seller against any unpaid Lot(s). If payment is not made by the payment due date customers will be charged their total invoice amount to their payment method provided during registration. 


Failure to Pay

Failure to Pay.  If you fail to pay for your purchase(s) within time provided and your card on file is not charged or is declined, YOU will be deemed to have abandoned any interest in the Lot(s), but YOU will remain liable for payment of the Contract Price.  Unpaid Lot(s) may be retained by Seller, resold at a subsequent auction, or otherwise disposed of.  If unpaid Lot(s) are sold at a subsequent auction, YOU will be liable for any shortfall or deficiency on the resale of the Lot(s), plus the costs incurred in connection with reselling the Lot(s).  Under no circumstances will YOU be entitled to any surplus from the resale of any unpaid Lot(s).  Auctioneer and/or Seller may, at any time, commence a lawsuit against YOU for the Contract Price of any unpaid Lot(s) and/or for any deficiency realized on the resale of such Lot(s).


Pick-up and Removal

YOU are responsible for pick-up and removal of Lot(s) purchased by YOU.  Pick-up location and removal dates and times will be as posted on Auctioneer's website or otherwise announced by Auctioneer.  Unless otherwise agreed, YOU are solely responsible for the disassembly, rigging, removal, shipping, and transportation of each Lot purchased by YOU.  Disassembly and removal must be done in a professional and workmanlike manner, and YOU will indemnify and hold harmless both Auctioneer and Seller(s) against all damage caused by YOU or YOUR employees, agents, representatives, or independent contractors in connection with the disassembly or removal of any Lot(s).  Any and all damage, including, without being limited to damage to land or buildings, caused by YOU or by YOUR employees, agents, representatives, or independent contractors, will be repaired by YOU, or at YOUR expense, to the satisfaction of Auctioneer and Seller(s).  Any Lot(s) shipped to YOU will be via a shipment contract free on board at the point of sale within the State of Colorado as indicated in the Auction listing.  Possession and risk of loss will pass to you at the point of shipment.  YOU are responsible for insuring all Lots purchased by YOU.


Failure to Pick-up

Failure to pick-up your items or make shipping arrangements within five (5) business days of auction closing will result in storage fees being assessed for each week your item(s) remain in our building. Storage fees are $100-$150 (varies by size of items) per week or 25% of your auction invoice whichever is greater. Storage fees must be paid in full to receive your items.


Responsibility for Bids Placed on Bidder Number

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Description of Lots

Unless otherwise expressly stated otherwise in writing, any description of a Lot is based solely on visual impression, and is given solely for identification purposes, and does not create any warranty, expressed or implied, or representation by Auctioneer or Seller. 



If YOU are certified as the Winning Bidder on a Lot, YOU will be contractually obligated to pay the Contract Price; however, title and ownership of the Lot will not pass from the Seller to YOU until payment is made and clears.


Calculation of Sales Tax

Sales Tax Disputes.  Unless otherwise directed by the appropriate taxing authority, sales tax will be calculated, and collected, based on the Contract Price, which includes the Hammer Price plus the Buyer’s Premium.  If (i) YOU believe that YOUR purchase is subject to a sales tax exemption that is not recognized by Auctioneer, or (ii)  YOU believe that the Buyer’s Premium portion of the Contract Price should not be subject to sales tax, or (iii) you otherwise dispute the sales tax, YOU should address YOUR dispute to the appropriate taxing authority and seek a refund from the appropriate taxing authority to the extent that the same may be available to YOU.


Tax Exemptions

If you are tax exempt please send us a valid and up to date copy of your sales tax license or exempt certification. You can email a copy to Once we have your copy on file you will be marked tax exempt in our system for all future auctions until the expiration of your sales tax license. 


Returned Checks

Any checks that are returned unpaid will be subject to a returned check fee in the amount of $50.00.  In addition to the foregoing, Auctioneer will be entitled to recover, from the issuer of a returned check, all costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, for the collection of payment made in the form of a check that has been returned unpaid.


No Stop Payment Orders or Credit Card Chargebacks

YOU agree that YOU will not, under any circumstances, (i) issue a stop payment order with respect to any checks issued at or in connection with the Auction, or (ii) initiate a credit card chargeback with respect to any purchases at the Auction.  YOU further agree that if, in violation of these Terms and Conditions, a stop payment order is issued or a credit card chargeback is initiated, these Bidder Terms and Conditions will be conclusive evidence of YOUR (i) waiver of any rights to issue a stop payment order or to initiate a credit card chargeback, and (ii) agreement not to issue a stop payment order or to initiate a credit card chargeback; and YOU acknowledge and agree that on Auctioneer’s presentation of these Bidder Terms and Conditions to the bank, credit card company, or other financial institution against which a check was drawn or that issued the credit card on which charges were made, such bank, credit card company, or other financial institution will reverse any stop-payment order and/or reverse or deny any credit card chargeback, and will re-credit all amounts to or for the account of Auctioneer.  If, in violation of these Bidder Terms and Conditions, YOU issue a stop payment order or initiate a credit card chargeback, YOU will remain liable for all purchases made at the Auction, and YOU will be responsible for all costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, incurred by or on behalf of Auctioneer and/or Seller in challenging the stop payment order or credit card chargeback and/or in collecting payment.  YOU acknowledge and agree that the covenant not to issue a stop payment order or to initiate a credit card chargeback is a condition to the issuance of a Bidder Number or Bidder Account to YOU, and is being made as an inducement for Auctioneer to accept YOUR Bidder Registration, to issue a Bidder Number or Bidder Account to YOU, and to permit YOU to bid at the Auction.  YOU acknowledge and agree that Auctioneer is relying on the covenant not to issue a stop payment order or to initiate a credit card chargeback in accepting YOUR Bidder Registration, in issuing a Bidder Number or Bidder Account, and in permitting YOU to bid at the Auction. 



After a Lot has been removed from the Auction Site by YOU, or on YOUR behalf, no claims or returns will be allowed and no claim will be allowed for adjustments or rescission of any sales based on the failure of a Lot to correspond with any standard and/or expectation.



YOU agree to indemnify and hold Auctioneer and Seller harmless from any current or future claim regarding the Auction or the Property, including, without being limited to, fitness, use, damage, safety, or injuries to persons or property.


Private Sale

YOU agree not to enter into, or to agree to enter into, a Private Sale for the purchase of any property included, or scheduled to be included in, the Auction, prior to or during the Auction.  If YOU purchase any property included in, or scheduled to be included in, the Auction in a Private Sale prior to, or during, or within ten (10) days after the Auction, Auctioneer will be entitled to receive an amount equal to Auctioneer’s full Commission and Buyer’s Premium, and YOU and Seller will be jointly and severally responsible for the payment of such amount. 


Collusion is not permitted

Auctioneer has the right to remove any bidder(s) suspected of collusion or any type of price fixing behavior at any time and to refuse admission to future auctions.


Governing Law; Jurisdiction; Venue; Waiver of Jury Trial

These Bidder Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Colorado, including its statutes of limitations, but without regard to its rules governing conflict of laws.  All claims, disputes, and other matters between the parties will be brought in the state or federal courts sitting in and for Weld County, Colorado, which courts will have exclusive jurisdiction, and will be the exclusive venue, for any and all such claims, disputes, and other matters.  YOU irrevocably and unconditionally (i) agree that any claim, suit or cause of action relating to the Auction, these Bidder Terms and Conditions, or the transactions contemplated hereby, will be brought in the state or federal courts sitting in and for Weld County, Colorado; (ii) consent to the jurisdiction of such courts for any such claim, suit or cause of action; (iii) waive any objection that such party may have to the laying of venue of any such claim, suit or cause of action in such courts; and (iv) waive any objection to the bringing of such claim, suit or cause of action in such courts on the grounds of forum non convenience.  YOU waive the right to a jury trial.


Attorneys’ Fees

YOU breach YOUR obligations under these Bidder Terms and Conditions, Auctioneer and/or Seller will be entitled to recover all costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees incurred in enforcing their respective rights hereunder. 


Acceptance of Bidder Terms and Conditions

YOU acknowledge and agree that YOU have had a full and fair opportunity to review these Bidder Terms and Conditions, and that you have read these Bidder Terms and Conditions, you understand these Bidder Terms and Conditions, and you accept and agree to be bound by these Bidder Terms and Conditions.

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